Data Darpan

Data Darpan is a master data validation product that has capability to validate master data against very simple to very complex validations, rules, conditions, dependencies and others.

One of the biggest projects that used Data Darpan was Symphony at ITC Ltd to validate all the master data across all the modules implemented using SAP, the project was of worth USD 20 million.

Data Darpan was able to successfully validate all the master data, against very complex rules, conditions and dependencies ,that was subsequently cleansed to ensure that the Master Data was clean before it was uploaded to SAP production.

Even after 9 months of production, the post production,operational data issues are almost Zero.

Many companies ignore the fact that the master data must be clean else operational data issues would create chaos that would have direct effect on the revenues as a result of billing leakages and unnecessary operational overheads.

Various steps in cleansing the data are:

Step 1: Identify business rules, conditions, validations, dependencies and others.

Step 2: All the above are translated into business rules as a part of Rules Engine of Data Darpan.

Step 3: Feeding master data to Data Darpan and running them against business rules that are embedded in Rules Engine.

Step 4: Results will be produced in the form of Error logs & can be downloaded in various formats.

Step 5: Reported errors are finally fixed.


  • Drastically cuts down the time taken to validate and subsequently cleans the data.
  • Eliminates the manual errors and inefficiencies.
  • Facilitates higher master-data quality levels, saves money and time.
  • Fast and accurate in complex multiple cross validations across modules.
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness in application behavior.
  • Improves interpretation in data reporting.
  • Ease of use, user friendly product.
  • Data validation is handled and administered.
  • Offers multi user accessibility.


Baseline POS – Touch Screen Based Application

Baseline-POS is a Touch Screen based product which enables the user to manage order transactions in restaurants effectively and intuitively. The application developed in such a way to display the items as groups in resizable screens. The Baseline-POS would have intuitive user interface coupled with robust backend functionality.

Key Features :

  • Baseline-POS inventory system can manage everything in restaurant quite comfortably and precisely with adequate security features to prevent malpractices
  • Users can create,transfer, maintain, view and cancel any number of orders.
  • Users can even customize their screens.
  • The system generates user friendly Reports and stores them in the Database.
  • Baseline point of sale terminals can process all sales made in store for which software is equipped with a complete payment processing system – be it credit card, debit card or cash payment with split check functionality.


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